We have a different approach to the creation of medical and recreational cannabis products. As one of the only cannabis brands to control every step of the process in-house, we're able to ensure the ultimate quality of the final result. Whether it's a gourmet chocolate truffle, a cherry cola gummy, raw flower, oils, concentrates, or one of our many other products... it's gonna be awesome.

We call it seed-to-you, which is our version of the whole farm-to-table thing. Some would say our process is a little obsessive, but attention to detail is important to us. It's why we sleep like puppies at night. And it's why we call ourselves Supreme Organics



One word that's so important but often forgotten. If you've ever wondered what's actually in the products you're consuming, or ever wondered where they come from... you're not alone. Most cannabis companies simply buy a bunch of materials from different vendors and then whack them together. Not us!



First we cultivate, then we extract, and finally our chef crafts everything in our state of the art Downtown Los Angeles kitchen. And not just any chef. Ours was an instructor at a prestigious culinary school for years, where he taught hopeful chefs how to become successful pâtissiers, chocolatiers and confectioners.



That's our WAY of saying we're control freaks