It means 'freedom from adulteration or contamination'. You already knew that of course. But did you ever think about it when you last ate, smoked, inhaled, or ingested a cannabis product? Or wonder where that cannabis had been grown or extracted? Burning and inhaling pesticides can't be cool. Or some hard to pronounce chemical. That's why we make every Supreme Organics product traceable, allowing you to see the third party lab results for that particular lot. We do that because we believe transparency is important, especially in our industry. We're also confident that we're growing and crafting superior products. Technically you could call us a 'vertically integrated company' - which doesn't sound sexy, but we assure you it is. What it really means is our team oversees every step, making sure the end result is free from chemicals, pesticides, mold, fungus, and non-gmo, non-organic ingredients. 



Coming soon you'll be able to quickly and easily verify what we're talking about above. Take a look at our fancy infographic below for details.