Check out the purest cannabis growing in the Supreme Organics greenhouses. We put some relaxing music on the video to chill you out as well.



All our cannabis is grown in soil under the life-giving light of the sun, at our very own farm in the city of Los Angeles. Nasty pesticides and chemicals are banished. Once harvested, the flowers are either extracted using superior technology or dried and cured to produce the finest quality cannabis. We verify for quality in-house and with a third party lab for independent verification. That way we can be sure there aren't any molds or heavy metals or residue solvents present. And to be thorough we do a pesticides/chemicals test even though we don't use any of that nonsense.


As soon as we work through the regulations we'll be starting group and private tours at our farm. You'll be able to come and see how the cannabis you consume is grown and cared for. We'll also be hosting events, including an opportunity to learn the cultivation process hands on with our growers, followed by the harvesting and processing of your own cannabis to take home in our proprietary curing box.


Our Grow-Master has decades of experience growing cannabis and wine grapes organically.